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Pesticide List & Information
Chesapeake Lawn Science, Inc.
P.O. Box 369, Ashton, MD 20861  (301) 625-3232

About Us

Our Promises to Our Clients:
  We will take as much pride in servicing your lawn as we do our own.

  We will call you back promptly if we are unable to answer your telephone call personally.

  We will only use the best products available on your grass. We use only granular fertilizers and the blend of tall fescue grass seed that is top rated by the USDA's annual National Turf Evaluation Program (NTEP).

  We pride ourselves on our level of personalized service that the big corporations simply cannot match.

  We will always be 100% honest with you. If grass cannot grow in a particular area due to existing environmental conditions, we will advise you not to waste your money on planting seed that will ultimately die.
  We  will never send an under-trained technician to your home.

  We want to form a long-term relationship with you and your lawn. We still service the lawns of many of our clients that we began working for when we first started our company in 1994.
Our History
Chesapeake Lawn Science, Inc. acquired its first customer in 1994. We started out as a full spectrum landscaping company providing services such as mowing, mulching, leaf cleanup, fertilization, seeding, and more.

In 1998, we stopped offering landscaping and yard maintenance services and began to focus only on what we did best- lawn nutrition.

Today, we treat the lawns of over 1,000 clients with a team of highly trained lawn technicians. We truly are "Your Lawn Nutrition Experts!" TM

The owner holds a degree in Physical Geography/Environmental Science. All applicators are registered with the Maryland Department of Agriculture (License #25513).

Chesapeake Lawn Science, Inc. is proud of its A+ rating on area consumer group lists. We encourage you to search our company name on these local lists and see for yourself!

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